New Year Goals: Find The Right Estate Planning Attorney – [Part 2]

Dec 26, 2019Elder Law

Leslie Thomas, Attorney

With the New Year just around the corner and with the celebrations in full gear, 2020 promises to be an exciting year. At Thomas-Walters Estate Planning, we love goals because we know how important it is to plan. And we want you to set goals for the coming year too. What could be more realistic than creating your own estate plan in 2020?

Of course, estate planning is one of the best decisions you’ll ever make but we advise that you do not use DIY Wills. Rather, you need to find a professional estate planning attorney. 

In PART 1 on how to find the right estate planning attorney, we covered some crucial tips to help you out when deciding whom to work with. Remember that working with just any attorney is a risk you don’t want to take. Your estate plan is a very important document that defines how things should play out for your family and loved ones when you’re gone. So, this is something you want to create with perfection. 


New Year Goals – Choose the right attorney for your plan

Here, in PART 2, we reveal more ways to find the right estate planning lawyer and hire them without any hassle –


  • Your attorney should be an authority

Check to find out whether your preferred attorney teaches classes or does public speaking. How often do they do so and is he/she a published author? These indicators help you to determine whether or not the attorney is a true specialist and an actively engaged authority.


  • Do they offer free consultations?

You need to find an attorney that’s willing to set up a free initial consultation. They should be able to create an opportunity for you to talk with them for free. This will help you decide if they are the right fit for you.


  • The lawyer must create the estate plan himself/herself

If you notice that the attorney delegates someone else to create your estate plan, would it make sense to hire them? Not at all. There are cases where attorneys ask that your property, as well as other assets, be transferred into your trust by a finding coordinator. This function is fairly routine and your protection is guaranteed if you have the attorney supervising the entire process.


  • Find someone that allows you to express yourself

You want to work with an attorney that allows you to ask any questions on your mind. They should be able to structure meetings in a way that gives you enough time to lay down your concerns and fears. Many high-volume practices usually make their appointments very short to enable them quickly onboard clients. This level of service is fundamentally unsatisfactory and you must know that you deserve better when creating your estate plan.


  • Smooth and quick communication is paramount

You want to find an estate planning attorney that quickly answers or returns your phone calls. Your lawyer should be someone that you can count on to respond to your concerns promptly.


  • Go for an attorney that you can trust

The life of the relationship between clients and lawyers is built on trust. How do you feel when you communicate with your estate planning attorney? Do you have that gut feeling or assurance that they will be there for you and your family in the future? You want to work with an attorney that you trust because you will have to share intimate secrets with them. Your entire family should also feel comfortable with them because you’ll be letting them in on your family’s secrets, as well.


Get a reputable, trusted estate planning attorney

Remember, creating an estate plan with the help of an estate planning attorney should be part of your New Year goals.

The Estate planning attorneys at Thomas-Walters understand the dynamics and intricacies of planning your future and protecting your family. We want to help you get it right and give you the confidence that your last wishes will always be upheld even in your absence.

Contact us today and we will set up a free consultation with you to discuss all your questions and fears. Then, we will proceed with helping you build the right estate plan. 

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