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Find out the different services we offer and the financial arrangements necessary to put the perfect plan in place.


Don’t risk your estate on a cookie-cutter Last Will and Testament.

At Thomas-Walters, we know that the only estate planning program worth investing in is one that’s created specifically to help you and your family achieve your estate planning goals.

That is why we begin our relationship with every new client with an in-depth estate planning analysis, so we can work together to design an estate plan that meets your family’s needs both now and for years to come.

we strive to protect your family from unnecessary attorney and court involvement. To make that level of customization possible, we can’t offer up-front price quotes. because there are just too many variables.

HOWEVER, we can at least give you ballpark ranges of the financial arrangements necessary to put the right plan in place.

  • The Essentials Will-Based Estate Planning Program: $1,500-$2,500+



The Complete Family Protection-Trust Based Estate Planning Legal Program

Our flagship trust-based estate planning solution includes our proven estate planning discovery process, where you personally visit with a Thomas-Walters estate planning attorney. We will explore your estate planning objectives, your estate assets, and your family dynamics to determine the very best estate planning strategies. We will then design the legal documentation for a fully custom estate planning program that best accomplishes that strategy. As with all our estate planning legal clients, the goal is to protect what you have for yourself and your loved ones while avoiding intrusions from the government and other third parties. Our trust plans always include all legal incapacity documents, including powers of attorney and living will declarations, together with a lifetime of complimentary telephone and email support.

  • The Complete Family Protection, Privacy & Ease Estate Trust-Based Estate Planning Legal Program: $4,000-7,000+




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