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Looking for some legal guidance, background information about an estate law concept, or an update on the latest trends in estate planning law? Thomas-Walters Estate Planning is happy to offer a wealth of resources to help you navigate the legal system. Here’s what you can find on our website.


The Thomas-Walters Estate Planning blog takes complex legal concepts and simplifies them into a digestible, easy to understand format. Here you will find explanations to commonly asked questions and general estate planning tips.

The Lifetime Lawyer Program:

When you become a client of Thomas-Walters, has become a client for life. Our clients receive continuous, complimentary, access to experienced estate planning attorneys who will make it easy to update your estate plan in accordance with any new developments or changes in either your life or in the law. You don’t have to worry about costly expenses to make sure your estate planning documents are staying current as your family dynamics change or as the laws regarding estate planning change. You also get the benefit of personal answers to your estate planning legal questions, educational resources, and easy access to your estate planning legal documents.

Upcoming Events:

Our legal team regularly conducts live workshops, webinars, and other events to help enrich your understanding of estate planning law. See what Thomas-Walters have planned in the coming months.

If you have more specific questions about your estate plan, feel free to call Thomas-Walters Estate Planning to speak with an experienced attorney. We always absorb the costs of your initial consultation, so there is never any money out of your pocket to meet with one of our estate planning attorneys. We look forward to helping you with your estate planning goals.



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