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Planning ahead well is about more than just signing documents and moving assets around. At Thomas-Walters Estate Planning, Leslie Thomas knows it’s also about protecting yourself and the people you care about most. We take that idea to heart every time we meet with new clients at our law offices in Fort Worth, Southlake, Granbury and Weatherford, Texas.

Without the right guidance, it’s easy to get tangled up in the complex legal and tax concepts that govern estate planning. We haven’t practiced estate law for over 60 years to let you handle it alone! Our goal is to take the most difficult parts of estate planning out of your hands while empowering you to make strong, informed decisions about your family and your future.

The result is a low-stress, low-hassle approach to estate planning that takes all of life’s changes into account. We can help you avoid probate and unnecessary taxes, simplify an estate settlement, prevent nursing home poverty, shelter your family members’ inheritance, and generally get your affairs in order.

To get started, contact Thomas-Walters Estate Planning and schedule your free initial consultation. We hope to hear from you soon.



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