Southlake Estate Planning Attorney: Wills, Trusts, & More

Southlake Estate Planning Attorney: Wills, Trusts, & More

Southlake Estate Planning Attorney

Custom Family Solutions, For Life

Estate planning is an integral part of mapping things out for the future, no matter what your current life circumstances may be. 

Do you think that because you’re single or without children, that estate planning won’t benefit you? Think again. In reality, estate planning impacts every facet of your life, and the lives of your loved ones. 

Delaying your estate planning puts the stress on the shoulders of your family. And without the help of a knowledgeable and experienced will and trust lawyer in Southlake, it may be months before they finally inherit what you’ve left them. 

For the expert will and trust attorneys at Thomas Walters, estate planning in Southlake, TX is our primary focus. Our estate planning attorneys have over 60 years of experience helping clients ensure their families are taken care of for the future and beyond.  

Wondering how we can help you? Read on to find out. 

Southlake Estate Planning – Why Do You Need a Will and Trust Lawyer?

The estate planning process is essentially making a plan ahead of time, and naming whom you want to receive your assets after you’re gone. An estate planning attorney works with you to help determine who gets what, which assets go where, and that everyone inherits exactly what you intended for them. 

Unlike probate, estate planning attorneys take the time to make sure your every decision is carefully adhered to and respected. 

Without an estate plan, you’re putting your trust in the courts to make the decisions for you. Not to mention the added stress and concern your family will experience having to make decisions while dealing with heartache. 

Comprehensive estate planning is the number one thing you can do to secure a stable future for your family – and our team of estate planning lawyers at Thomas Walters handles every element of your estate planning in Southlake from start to finish.  

Estate Planning in Southlake, TX – How Can Using a Will and Trust Attorney Benefit You?

Our estate planning clients in Southlake and beyond are always asking us the same question;

“How can estate planning benefit me?”

Estate planning is a necessity for EVERYONE – and the younger you start, the more benefits you’ll reap. Each plan is customized and individualized with the help of our knowledgeable trust attorneys, tailored specifically to your qualifications. 

Southlake estate planning comes with a great deal of benefits for clients, including:

Stability & Assurance – With the help of our experienced will attorneys in Southlake, we make estate planning a simple process. Your family will be taken care of exactly the way you intended, no questions asked.  

Property Power of Attorney and Attorney for Wills – Our will and trust lawyers work together with you to formulate a comprehensive will and testament, as well as power of attorney in the event you fall ill or incapacitated. Another useful tool for our clients to avoid the court process. 

Minimizing Expenses – Without a will and trust lawyer in Southlake putting together a good estate plan, most of your money will go to court costs instead of in your family’s pocket. We work with you to prevent this from happening.  

Medicaid Planning & Medicaid Asset Protection – With years of experience related to Medicaid asset protection, you can be certain your assets will be held in trust and passed to the appropriate family members when the time comes, utilizing a combination of asset protection trusts, children’s trusts, and irrevocable and revocable life trusts. Through the use of Medicaid planning in an estate plan, your hard-earned assets can be protected while simultaneously qualifying for Medicaid coverage. Gone are the days of searching for a “medicaid attorney near me” online – our team has you covered. 

Quick Property Transfer to Loved Ones – Through the court, your family might have to wait anywhere from three to nine months to inherit the property you left them. Our will and trust lawyers in Southlake make sure your family avoids delays and is treated with the utmost care and respect.  

Planning for Your Children’s Future – The most important thing to consider when working with your trust attorney is what might happen to your children after you’re gone. Don’t leave something like this up to probate. Our team will make sure your plan is put into action.

Using Irrevocable Trust Attorneys to Protect Your Assets 

We believe your assets should remain your assets, even when you’re gone, and our team of inheritance lawyers works with you to ensure exactly that. Unfortunately, many people find themselves in the unfortunate position of having to spend down their assets in order to qualify for Medicaid. 

Our irrevocable trust lawyers are the most knowledgeable in the industry when it comes to Medicaid asset protection, and asset protection trusts – helping you protect your assets from a Medicaid spend-down, and making sure they pass to the designated family members without complication. 

Assets used to fund this trust are not eligible to be counted towards Medicaid, provided neither you (or your spouse) is listed as the trustee. This means that your assets will be able to be passed down to your children, or whomever you denote as the benefactor, at the time of your passing. 

Perhaps most importantly, this trust should be set up at least five years before you begin the process of Medicaid to ensure your assets cannot be judged during your eligibility period. 

Using a Revocable Living Trust Attorney to Protect Your Assets 

Our revocable living trust lawyers will work with you to establish a revocable living trust, an estate planning tool that can be used to determine who will inherit certain assets after death. Because these types of trusts are revocable, you can make changes to them at any time. 

The biggest benefit to utilizing a revocable living trust is avoiding probate after your death. Instead of the courts combing through your assets and dictating who receives what, your children’s trust may already denote them as the benefactors. Property that is left through a revocable living trust does not have to pass through probate. 

In addition to avoiding probate, the use of a revocable living trust will protect your family from court challenges and avoids a conservatorship.

The Thomas Walters Difference – Our Will and Trust Attorneys in Southlake 

Our will and trust attorneys have decades of experience helping people just like you plan for their family’s future.  

We know you’ve got options when it comes to selecting a will and trust lawyer in Southlake, but our team stands head and shoulders above the rest. 

But what sets our Southlake estate planning attorneys apart from everyone else? 

Responsiveness – We take tremendous pride in being easily accessible and responsive to all of your questions and concerns, no matter whether we’re outside normal business hours or on the weekends. Our team is here for you – Always.  

Availability – Most firms only have one or two estate planning attorneys to work with – but we believe there’s strength in numbers. No matter what the circumstances, you will always have a reliable and experienced trust lawyer to turn to with your estate planning questions and needs. 

Lifetime Lawyer Program – Our Lifetime Lawyer Program is unlike anything else. When you create your estate plan with one of our will and trust attorneys, you’ll receive complementary, ongoing service that will ensure your estate plan remains current. Our team has you covered, no matter what. You and your family also receive additional benefits, including:

-Estate Plan Maintenance 

-Continued Q&A Support

-Educational Updates 

-Immediate Access to Documents 

At Thomas Walters, we’ll help you achieve peace of mind, and set your family up for the future and beyond. Make us your first choice when it comes to your estate planning in Southlake. 

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