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“One size fits all” templates are popular, but dangerous when it comes to estate planning. Avoid the pitfalls, & get a custom plan.

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Looking for online estate planning services in Texas for your unique situation? Leslie Thomas is a leading attorney whose firm has helped thousands of clients just like you. Schedule a call today. ($500 Value.) Ask questions to determine the best fit for your virtual estate planning with zero risk. 

Still conducting research about online estate planning? Not quite ready to schedule your session? No problem. Watch our webinar called “How to Avoid the 3 Biggest Estate Planning Mistakes that People Make,” by clicking below.


Experienced Planning for a 

Services like Legal Zoom™ have popularized legal templates for many areas of life, including estate planning. The danger of entrusting your financial assets, real estate, and medical directives to boiler plate agreements is clear to “those in the know.” While inexpensive, downloadable templates often lack the insight, customization, and legal fitness required when these matter most.     

 Our online estate planning services are different. Instead of legal templates, attorney Leslie Thomas will “meet” with you virtually to understand your personal situation. Together, you will customize a virtual estate plan that is designed around your family’s unique needs and wants. This combines convenience, affordability, and expert advice together into one service.

 Ready to create an estate plan you and your family can rely upon? Get in touch to schedule your virtual consultation, today.


How does virtual estate planning work?

Virtual estate planning is very simple. You choose a convenient time on our calender to schedule your session. Next, we will explain which documents you should gather prior to our call. We will meet via phone or zoom, discuss your situation, and design your plan!

Are all virtual estate planning services the same?

No, not all online estate planning services are the same. There are many “services” that simply sell legal templates that you can customize with your personal information. We contend these are not truly services, because they are not designed around your situation.

The main difference between our virtual estate planning service and that provided in our office is convenience. You can experience the same personal approach from an experienced lawyer, just from the comfort of your home.

Virtual estate planning checklist:

1. Find a knowledgable virtual estate planning lawyer who services Texas;

2. Schedule a complimentary consult to determine if the lawyer is a fit for your personal planning needs;

3. Anticipate a discussion about your assets, real estate, medical needs, and family situation with your lawyer;

4. Employ an attorney with well-defined fees for online virtual estate planning services, not one who bills an hourly rate;

5. Build a working relationship with a virtual estate planning law firm that can assist and support your surviving loved ones beyond the initial transaction.

What states do you offer virtual estate planning?

We service all of Texas with our online estate planning. 

What is the average cost of an estate plan?

Without knowing your particular circumstance and estate planning goals, it is difficult to provide an exact estimate. However, you can expect to pay between $1000 and $3000 for a will-based estate plan and between $4000 and $7000 for a trust-based estate plan. 

Each of these plans should include all necessary documents, including powers of attorney, living wills, declarations of guardian, and all documents transferring your real estate into your trust. 

We believe in a flat fee model. This means there are no future surprises or charges for questions, revisions, or additions to your estate plan. Not all law firms practice this way, some prefer an hourly rate for present and future service needs.

What is the first step?

We recommend you make a list of your concerns, questions, and goals prior to your meeting. If you aren’t sure where to start, don’t worry, we will help! We have a proven framework to guide your planning session. 

The next step if your virtual estate plan is to schedule your consultation. Look for a button on this page to find a convnenient time. 


Leslie Thomas: 

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Featured Reviews: 

Leslie and the entire staff were just wonderful. They went over everything for our estate plan and answered all our questions. They were very professional through the entire process. We were so happy to discover them and get our estate in order. 100% recommend them to anyone with estate needs. Thanks for all the help.

Francis B.

Experienced and savvy on all the Texas estate laws. Put our wishes into reality so our legacy will be as we hoped it would be for our family. Answered all our questions and put our concerns to rest. We feel we are in good hands and all the legal work was affordable. Highly recommended.

John C.

My wife and I set up our estate planning with Leslie Thomas a couple of years ago and boy did she open our eyes to what could (or could not happen) with/without estate planning. We signed up with her and have been happy and NO LONGER NERVOUS with our future plans. Leslie guided us through the process of setting up our estate, completed all of our documentation, and has updated our documents as required or requested. A GREAT person and highly recommended.

Buster and Tiffany H.

A few years ago we attended an Estate Planning seminar and have planned our estate with Thomas-Walters, PLLC.
The advice we received from Leslie and her staff was so informative. When recently I had to use the expertise of the staff, they were so supportive, informative and caring that in my profound grief I did not have any administrative worries.
Sharen W.

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